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For the brain to perform its functions, it needs to be in optimal condition. This means that both the flow of blood and glucose is balanced.

The brain is a complex universe full of neuroelectric signals that are responsible for fulfilling and transmitting a series of messages, which are carried out by neurotransmitters. The latter travel through the spinal cord to pass through each of the nerve endings that connect with each organ.

The brain is the command center of the whole body, if it is faulty, the whole system also fails. Hence the importance of staying healthy. The best way to have a healthy mind in a healthy body is with the BrainActive product, which we will learn more about in this post.

Brain Actives


[50% discount] • official site

How does BrainActives work?

BrainActives is a formula that has greatly improved and surpassed any other brain oxygenator, being a nutritional supplement of the Nootropic type. This means that it is responsible for improving neuronal function through the action of neurotransmitters.

Its range of action is determined, because it is capable of improving blood flow to the brain and thereby improves concentration and logical reasoning functions. The distribution of glucose that is transformed into energy to carry out brain functions.

BrainActives is a complex that enhances the function of peripheral vasodilators, vasoactive agents and different brain neurotransmitters, acting as a stimulant. With this, it improves perception, concentration, memory is reinforced, along with learning and also, areas of creativity expand.

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Some of the properties and advantages of using BrainActives

It is product that has natural elements which are combined in the presentation of BrainActives, thus being a complex that does not create adverse drug reactions. It does not prevent the action of other drugs and does not produce allergic reactions. Among the main components we can find the following:

  • Theacrine: It is a kind of natural caffeine, without the irritating effects that cause heartburn in some individuals, such as heartburn. This asset is responsible for creating stimuli in brain metabolism, improving cognitive functions. Reduces fatigue and tiredness caused by day to day.
  • Ashwagandha root extract: (Indian or bufera Ginseng) is responsible for promoting memory, thereby improving learning. In turn, the cognitive process increases progressively. It also significantly reduces stress levels.
  • Bacopa Monnieri Herb Extract: It is a herbaceous, perennial plant that favors the retention of new knowledge, strengthens the ability to concentrate, while improving cognitive functions.
  • Gotu kola leaves extract: It is a revitalizer of the central nervous system, increases attention and increases memory in the medium and long term, as it improves nervous tone and blood flow.
  • Black pepper fruit extract: The black pepper fruit has been widely used by a group of scholars, since it is attributed a large number of properties in favor of different brain functions, from the area of ​​learning as well as in fixing concentration.
  • Natural anhydrous caffeine: Improves the quality of response by the nervous system, reduces symptoms of fatigue, increases physical resistance, which makes training more effective. Finally, alertness increases.
  • Vitamins B6, B12, Pantothenic Acid and Magnesium: provide the body with greater energy and dynamism for carrying out activities, greatly reducing asthenia and drowsiness.
Brain Actives


[50% discount] • official site
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Where and at what price to buy BrainActives?

BrianActives is product that has managed to greatly improve the symptoms of degenerative diseases of the Alzheimer type. Its characteristics make it ideal for athletes, academics and those who have enormous physical and mental wear.

Being a highly sought-after product, its creator has limited its commercialization, to avoid scams through imitations or placing its value above the real one. That is why the recommendation is made to avoid stores such as Lazada, AliExpress, Amazon and local stores. Since although they have prestige, they do not have the permission to sell said product.

Where to buy it?

BrainActives can be purchased exclusively on the manufacturer’s web portal where you will receive a 50% discount for the purchase, being delivered to the address you provide in a short period of time.

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How to use BrainActives correctly

To achieve the benefits provided by BrainActives, you should only take one capsule every 12 hours (you must be consistent with the hours), to achieve the greatest effectiveness. The time in which you must consume this product is 4 weeks. At the time of taking the capsule you should do it with half a glass of water, facilitating its swallowing and rapid absorption.

Brain Actives


[50% discount] • official site
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Authenticity of BrainActives through various Clinical Studies

Various studies have been carried out from different medical areas for this product and thanks to this it has been possible to conclude, according to the last one that was carried out in September 2019 in Portugal, the following:

  • 1,080 people with different professions were selected, 60% being men and 40% women.
  • It was observed through different cognitive tests and based on the professions of each one, that their concentration capacity increased by more than 80% in those who received BrainActives, while group B only reported 60%.
  • Signs of fatigue, exhaustion and drowsiness were reduced by 100% in the individuals treated with BrainActives, while group B showed 70%.
  • Through encephalographic studies it was found that brain function notably improves in those who received BrainActives. Compared to the second group that was treated with a conventional product.

Finally, the study showed that BrainActives is a real product, which provides nutrients to the nervous system thereby preventing its early degeneration.

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Fraud or Reality?

Determining if a product is real or represents a real scam, is the main concern of consumers. But identifying a fraud is very easy, since it is enough to see the number of national and international endorsements that this product has by the scientific community to eliminate any doubt about its effectiveness.

User forums are another extremely important reference source when choosing to buy BrainActives and it is relevant to know what the experience of others has been. Finally, who has the last word will be the user.

In relation to BrainActives, it can be said that it has the certification of the Association of consumers and users, the medical union endorses its use for not leaving collateral effects.

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Results after using BrainActives: Before and after

Professions in the area of ​​health, safety, transportation and athletes usually present a great emotional and physical wear and tear on their cognitive functions, as every muscle the brain needs to be trained, but it must be well nourished.

These types of professions are usually associated with a strong energetic waste, due to the hours of work they do, which translates into exhaustion, fatigue, poor performance, lack of concentration. All these, when starting treatment with BrainActives, improve considerably, as we have seen previously.

Brain Actives


[50% discount] • official site
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Certified Medical Opinion

Dr. Javier Pertucci, Intensive Care Physician, comments the following: «There is no vitamin complex or cerebral oxygenator that was compared with BrainActives. That is why I recommend it without thinking about it in my office as a stimulating, regenerating and preventive complex for degenerative diseases of the central nervous system. The results in my patients have been incredible. “

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What are BrainActives users saying?

«I have been a police officer for years and I must admit that I was not the same, during the hours of surveillance I fell asleep and my thoughts they walked away from the homework he had to do. However, since I started using BrainActives, my concentration has improved considerably. ”

Gustavo, 43 years old

«My years of service in the hospital, has wreaked havoc on me, the long hours of wakefulness in each of my guards and the long daily hours of work made me feel exhausted. When I got home I did not want to do anything, a friend recommended BrainActives to me and I can say that I feel with a great waste of energy, my reflexes have never been so fast. »

Marisol, 57 years old

«Staying energized is important, especially if you are a person who is serious about his training, he had tried different vitamin supplements that they will help me with my training plan to replenish and regain wear and tear. I started taking the BrainActives capsules and the results that I now perceive are better. »

Danni, 39 years old
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BrainActives is product that has managed to position itself in Europe and outside of it. All thanks to the fact that it is a complex of micronutrients that regulate brain functions, improving the neuronal synapse and with it all the functions that are related to the nervous system. A product that mixes in its capsules the best existing natural stimulants to prevent senile dementia, Alzheimer's among other pathologies. This product can be used with other treatments since it does not have adverse drug reactions. Do not forget that when purchasing this product you must do so on the manufacturer's web portal. So don't let someone else tell you about it and start enjoying its countless benefits right away.

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