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Losing weight represents a real challenge for many, since the imminent desire to eat as well as certain metabolic disorders, play against the body and can be the cause of excessive weight gain.

If we add to the above the bad eating habits characteristic of the modern lifestyle, we find an extremely harmful cocktail.

Another important element, which we almost never take into account when doing weight loss regimens, is the function of the bacteria in the gastric and intestinal region. Or what is called normal (non-pathogenic) microflora, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system and its metabolism. It is there where the true key to the increase or decrease of the weight of the individual is.

Reason why Probiosin Plus arises, a product that is a mixture between prebiotics and probiotics. That helps metabolize the nutrients ingested through food properly. For this reason, in this post we will mention its properties and health benefits.

Probiosin Plus


[50% discount] • official site

How does Probiosin Plus work?

Probiosin Plus is a product with a large number of functions, let’s start by mentioning that it has a technology used by very few dietary supplements. To begin with, these capsules have a protective coating known as DRcaps ®  which contains in its structure a hypromellose (HPMC).

This structure allows you to keep intact each of the active ingredients in the Probiosin Plus capsules, which can reach the intestine without being destroyed by gastric acids. Another of its functions is that it manages to disguise the taste and odors of the active ingredients. Its components make it an ideal formula even for vegans.

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Some of the properties and advantages of using Probiosin Plus

There is a wide variety of dietary supplements on the market that are responsible for controlling the metabolic functions of the body. Or that is what they offer to their consumers and in many cases they are only sugary placebos. This is where the reason for the failure of many of these treatments lies.

Quite the opposite happens with the Probiosin Plus product, a product that far exceeds any other existing on the market. This thanks to its innumerable benefits, thanks to the active principles it contains, among which we have:

  • The probiotic bacteria LactoSpore ®  (Bacillus coagulans) MTCC 5856: It is a product that is responsible for normalizing the bacterial flora, reducing digestive symptoms such as a feeling of heaviness, heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux, constipation, among others. Another of its properties is that it increases the actions of the immune system and reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.
  • Probiotic fiber (FOS) – Chicory root inulin (Cichorium L.) + Fenumannan ® prebiotic fiber  – Galactomannan from fenugreek seeds (Trigonella foenum – graecum L.): It is responsible for stimulating the production of those bacteria that are beneficial for the body and that promote weight loss.
  • Garcinia cambogia fruit extract: Controls the satiety center, thereby reducing the number of intakes and amounts of meals. It also stabilizes blood glucose levels, stimulates the synthesis of adipose tissue and minimizes cholesterol levels.
  • Green tea leaf extract: It is responsible for the oxidation of fatty acids. As well as increasing energy, it also has proteolytic and diuresis properties.
  • Prickly Pear Extract: Stimulates fat metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels and considerably reduces the desire to eat.
  • Papain from papaya extract: It is responsible for improving the digestion of micro and macronutrients. Likewise, it has antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which destroy those pathological entities that cause digestive disorders.
  • Black pepper fruit extract: It has the function of favoring the liver detoxification and purification process, favoring the degradation of nutrients and improving the physical appearance of the body.
  • Chromium: Regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates as well as lipids, also prevents diabetes mellitus. 
Probiosin Plus


[50% discount] • official site
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Where and at what price to buy Probiosin Plus?

If you have decided to buy Probiosin Plus you must keep in mind a series of elements. First, local commercial stores do not have the permits for their commercialization. Second, virtual web portals that are known to be reliable and secure, such as La Lazada, Amazon and AliExpress, are not yet granted the distribution rights for this Probiosin Plus product. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid acquiring it through these means.

Where to buy it?

To avoid being a victim of scam or receiving an imitation, you should only purchase Probiosin Plus on the manufacturer’s website. Where you can buy it at the best market price and additionally you will get a 50% discount.

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How to use Probiosin Plus correctly

To properly achieve the benefits and properties of Probiosin Plus it is important to be disciplined with the treatment. Which should be one to two capsules daily with 300ml (half a glass) of water.

The shots should be taken 30 minutes before the meal, either before breakfast or lunch. Probiosin Plus is a product free of toxic substances and does not trigger side effects, or drug-type reactions or interactions.

Probiosin Plus


[50% discount] • official site
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Authenticity of Probiosin Plus through various Clinical Studies

When it comes to a product that is designed to improve the health of the individual or treat a pathology, it is necessary that it has a series of scientific studies. And not just with the approval of trade associations.

In the case of Probiosin Plus, it has undergone various clinical and pharmaceutical studies, the last being carried out at the end of last year. It had a sample of 890 individuals and the following results could be obtained:

  • The veracity of the DRcaps ® coating  of the Probiosin Plus capsules was confirmed. Through imaging studies, it was possible to show that the release of its nutrients occurs in the intestine.
  • The group that was treated with Probiosin Plus experienced a significant reduction in appetite and the weight they started with. After two months of studies, 80% registered a loss of approximately 10Kg. While the second group only achieved 60% of this achieved in their patients.
  • The individuals who were treated with Probosin Plus at the laboratory level recorded a decrease in glycemic, cholesterol and triglyceride values ​​in 100% of the treated population. While the second group only registered this incidence in 70% of the individuals.
  • In 90% of those treated with Probosin Plus, a decrease in symptoms related to constipation and the digestive system was evidenced. While in the second group it was registered only in 70% of those treated in a conventional way.

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Fraud or Reality?

The veracity of a product, as well as being able to show whether it is only a scam or not, is very easy to determine. The first thing to evaluate are the scientific studies that have a certain product, since they are a reliable source of the effectiveness of a certain product.

Another element that must be considered is the opinion of other users, since they are the ones who give real testimony and the effects that these can cause on the individual. To avoid falling into fraud or imitation products, you must bear in mind that there is only one web portal for your purchase.

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Results after using Probiosin Plus: Before and after

The differences between individuals who consume Probiosin Plus and those who do not are quite striking. Let’s start by mentioning the changes that are experienced in relation to eating habits, since the satiety center is controlled. With the above, the intake of meals is decreased.

Another relevant factor is weight loss, which is noticeable after the first cycle of treatment. This decrease is accompanied by the loss of adipose tissue in a uniform way, maintaining a cellulite-free skin.

Probiosin Plus


[50% discount] • official site
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Certified Medical Opinion

Dr. Rosa Paredes specialist in Nutrition «Every day in my office I see people trying to fight with their overweight, which is complex due to a large series of factors: emotional, genetic, dietary, among others. Which is why I implemented the use of Probiosin Plus as a supplement and the results have been incredible: my patients not only lose weight harmoniously, but also improve their cellular immunity. »

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What are Probiosin Plus users saying?

«Being overweight was making it difficult for me to walk. Especially since I am short. I was one of the people who spent all day eating, my anxiety level was quite high, but since I started treatment with Probiosin Plus, the results have been fabulous. I have already managed to reduce 5 kg in a month. »

35-year-old Malena

«My problems with sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides were serious, as no treatment was effective for me. After my last pregnancy, I gained 6 kilos that I could not reduce. Luckily, I have already managed to normalize my blood values ​​and have lost 3 kg, in just three weeks, with the use of Probiosin Plus. »

30-year-old Dorka.

«My biggest problem was central obesity. All because of my office job and the few hours of physical activity that I did each day. Given this situation, my nutritionist recommended Probiosin Plus and now my waist is thinner. I plan to repeat one more cycle to get better results. »

40-year-old Vanessa
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